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    In the fall 2007 a CNN host was talking about the frame of mind of America the day after 9/11, 2001 and posed the question "Where are all the 9/12ers today", and I thought that there should be an organization built around that very concept.  A way to perhaps pull people together as informed  Americans lest the basic rights we enjoy as Americans be usurped.  The recent "tea parties" across the US were a good example of this cohesion.  People of all walks of life and political stripe turned out to protest 
THE CONGRESS , not the President 
and the massive spending and debt and increased government we are facing. The mainstream media downplayed, even vilified the entire event.  Our own Speaker of the House refused to take us seriously, saying it was an event "put on by rich people".  I know some rich people and none of them were there.  That's when I decided to do a web site, to connect with others that feel the way we do about the direction in which our country may be going.   
Give thanks to God: For the blessings and obstacles we have in life. And for creating a place like America. Have you ever wondered if perhaps God is not paying attention to us like He used to? Or could it be the other way around? In recent decades, God and Godly values have been driven more and more out of society. This is because if there is no fear of God, it's easy to blur the line between right and wrong morally. President Franklin Roosevelt delivered speeches in which he prayed to"God Almighty" for our country and ended with "Amen". Would a sitting President do that today? Some dispute the religious beliefs of the founding Fathers, but General Washington himself credited God for many of his successes. Was it coincidence that allowed a rag-tag, disorganized group of farmers and craftsmen to defeat the most highly trained and equipped army in the world at the time? It was a belief in God that brought the Pilgrims here in the first place don't forget. It was probably God that caused the wind to change and save the Mayflower from crashing onto the rocks and back into what would become Boston harbor. Through the years coincidentally, Americans have brought more people to Christ than has any other nation. Give thanks to God for America, the greatest country on earth.

Never give your trust to a man who asks for it, yet refuses to reveal his past to you.     

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